Traditional endodontics has been based on feel, not sight.  Tactile proprioreception was the clinician's only guide as burs and files were blindly inserted in pulp chambers and rooth canal systems. 
Today, a small but growing number of clinicians are providing endodontic and endo-restorative treatments based on direct microscopic visualization of the pulp chamber and coronal portion of canal systems.  We are proud to be among them. This huge shift in clinical accuracy is bringing a revolution to the field of endodontics.

Dental x-rays are an important tool in the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems.
But some people worry about their exposure to radiation during dental x-ray procedures. You will be happy to know that 18 traditional dental x-rays deliver less radiation than an upper GI series and 800 times less radiation than a chest x-ray.
One new dental technology, used in our office, is digital x-rays.  They offer the advantage of an 80 percent reduction in radiation, compared to film, and offer  a nearly instantaneous image. 
Bruce D. Schulman, D.D.S., P.A.