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Microscopic Endodontics Boynton Beach

Operating Microscopes in Boynton Beach

Working with Surgical Operating Microscopes enables our endodontist to perform procedures with the ultimate precision, efficiency, and confidence. Whether treatment is performed by means of a non-surgical method or is a surgical endodontic procedure, the microscope provides superior illumination and magnification that allows maximum visualization of the root of the tooth. Any defects that can impact the treatment and prognosis of the tooth such as cracks, root fractures, calcified canals, as well as canals with challenging anatomy, can be visualized with this optical system.

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Our goal is to restore the oral health of patients with teeth that have been compromised by injury or decay so that they may once again enjoy the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile. Our specialty-trained endodontist offers the latest advances in care to save teeth and maintain a complete smile while striving to make every visit a comfortable and stress-free experience.

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